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The Poindexter Report, Week #2, Jan. 16 - 21, 2012
This week the pace in the General Assembly picked up as we moved into our legislative process with bills and budget amendments flowing into our subcommittees and committees. The House Republican Caucus, of which I am a member, announced its strategic vision for economic development and job creation across the state.

During this announcement, we highlighted four specific economic development proposals: HB714 (Extending Major Business Facility Tax Credits), HB1102 (Renewable Energy R&D Investment Credit), HB1013 (Extend Tax Subtraction for Capital Gains from Investments), and HB33 (Project Labor Agreements Neutrality).

In addition to structuring and balancing the state budget without raising taxes, my main focus is to work with my fellow legislators and Governor McDonnell’s administration to further create a business-friendly environment and promote economic growth in order to provide a higher quality of life for our citizens. I strongly believe this strategic vision I share with members of the House Republican Caucus is the most practical and effective approach to dealing with our lagging economy and high unemployment levels.

I continue to serve on the Appropriations Committee, the Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources Committee, and the Counties, Cities, and Towns Committee. Our state agencies have been making the rounds and presenting to each committee or subcommittee the status of their respective agency, their legislative needs and funding requests. So far, I have been briefed on our revenue status (down 4.7% in December, but may be slightly up for the year-to-date); the Governor’s proposed budget, Capital Investment Program; Commerce and Trade; Agriculture and Forestry; the Department of Education; Health and Human Resources; and the Virginia Retirement System. Clearly, we have much work to do to balance our budget while also ensuring our commitment to core government services is fair and balanced across the budget categories.

It appears we will have up to 1,400 bills proposed in the House this year. The range of issues varies widely. For example, the bills include measures dealing with transportation, Sunday hunting, K-12 education reform, economic development, 2nd Amendment protection, and eminent domain. I appreciate the informed input I am receiving from so many of you in the 9th District on these and other issues. Your opinions and thoughtful considerations are most helpful, indeed vital, as I consider legislation, the budget, and representing the interests of our District.

One of the highlights of my time in Richmond each year is visits by constituents. Last week, my staff and I were pleased to welcome Larry Heaton from Franklin Community Bank when he and several colleagues participating in Virginia Bankers Day stopped by our office. We also greeted a large delegation from the Smith Mountain Lake Republican Women’s Club led by their president, Nancy King. I was honored to join them during the Virginia Federation of Republican Women’s Clubs legislative luncheon.

This week, the halls of the General Assembly Building have teemed with visitors. Some come to advocate for specific issues, and others are here to witness the legislative process in action. I enjoy seeing everyone and listening to their points of view regarding legislative matters. Among our visitors were representatives and members of Martinsville’s Boys & Girls Club of the Blue Ridge. We welcomed staff from the Southern Virginia Child Advocacy Center, located in Rocky Mount. They visited my office to discuss a budget amendment I have co-patroned to support their continued service to our region. Jon Morris from STEP in Rocky Mount, Ann Walker from Martinsville/ Henry County Coalition for Health and Wellness, and Lavada Robertson from the Virginia Autism Project also stopped by.

Here at home, I’m giving a huge tip of my JD cap to the folks at Twin Oaks Baptist Church in Ferrum who prepared the grand feast for a record-breaking crowd of about 600 people at their annual Sportsman’s Banquet on Saturday evening. I expect I ate more than my fair share but still managed to talk with a good portion of the crowd. As expected, Sunday Hunting was a popular topic of discussion. Thanks go to Pastor Terry Covey and Assistant Pastor Zack Furches for hosting the occasion and to all the excellent cooks and servers who donated their time and talents to make the evening a delicious success.

Please note that my District Office in Glade Hill is closed while my staff and I work in the Richmond office through March 10. I encourage you to visit while I am in Richmond during Session. To arrange a tour of the Capitol, please contact my legislative aides, Alex Thorup or Tom Wells, at (804)698-1009. My office email address is and my Session mail address is P.O. Box 406, Richmond VA 23218.


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Ronald Reagan
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Ronald Reagan
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