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The Poindexter Report, Week #5, Feb. 6 - 10, 2012
The House concluded its busiest week of the Session as we completed moving all our bills through sub-committees and committees. This has to be done to get each bill on the House floor for third reading and final vote by February 14, the mid-point or ‘crossover’ of the Session. After Crossover, the House only considers Senate bills, while the Senate only considers House bills.

The vast majority of House bills addressed this past week continued to be related to jobs, economic development, government reform, education reform, transportation, health and human services, and the VRS. Concurrent with all new bills, we continued considering the Governor’s proposed budget in developing the final House budget. This is a multi-front team effort, involving House Appropriations Sub-Committees and Committee, Governor’s staff, and all legislators, as any bill that has a fiscal impact is referred to the House Appropriations Committee for consideration of its impact on the final budget. Many well-intentioned bills end here as the revenue available and other spending priorities prevent them from passing.

On the economic front, I cannot see how we can bring the economy back without responsibly developing all domestic sources of energy, both for liquid fuels and power. Accordingly, my HJR227, developed in partnership with the Governor’s focal point for energy—the Deputy Secretary of Natural Resources—calls for the President and U.S. Congress to explore and develop all domestic sources of energy, including drilling offshore of Virginia and bringing the over-reaching, out-of-control federal regulatory burden into balance. I’m happy to report that HJR227 passed the House. I also co-patroned a bill to establish an Agricultural and Forest Industries Fund, supported bills to ensure Virginia tree seedlings for reforestation are free of pests, to essentially freeze the BPOL taxes on businesses, and extend the deadline for examination requirements for conventional septic system installers so that these businesses can continue their work.

My bill to assist the State Police in insurance fraud investigations and a bill I carried for the Governor to set up a non-state funded account for alternative fuel state vehicles both passed the House. My previous statements over NOVA and urban Virginia gaining more control over transportation funding, education funding, and so forth at the expense of rural areas played out this week when the House passed out a bill 51-49 to revamp the Commonwealth Transportation Board regions to coincide with the 11 Congressional Districts rather than the current 9 Transportation Districts. While I was able to help reject similar changes to the K-12 education Local Composite Index formula, the passage of this bill will in time mean less transportation funding to our region and all of rural Virginia. I believe increasing the gas tax will result in similar impacts, as a larger share of gas tax money will tend to further flow into the urban crescent.

Education reform moved forward with bills passing on charter schools, teacher contracts (tenure), VRS changes, and homeschoolers being permitted—as a local option—to participate in interscholastic activities. The specifics will depend upon the House, Senate, and Governor agreeing on the details near the end of the Session or, perhaps, even during the Reconvened Session in April. School choice bills, especially for tax credits for scholarships to send low income children to non-public schools, will be on the docket next week.

I supported bills addressing Voter ID, Primary election rules, and Congressional District lines. If a citizen shows up at the polls without ID, they will still be allowed to vote. They simply vote on a provisional ballot, which will be counted after the person’s ID has been verified. Primaries—for this year only—are moved to August to reflect recent court rulings and the House, Senate, and Governor approving new Congressional District lines. In the future, citizens carrying petitions for candidates will face fewer restrictions. Voter lists will now also be made available to anyone instead of just the two political parties, as has been the case for decades. This legislation was also, in effect, forced upon us by court decisions.

The so-called Castle Doctrine moved forward with bills passing to provide civil immunity and criminal charges protection for citizens facing danger by criminals who have already entered their home illegally. I again supported these bills which, by the way, have their foundation in both our Mother Country’s and Virginia’s Common Law. I was disappointed my bill to set aside an additional 50M per year from the General Fund to complete Route 58 construction was tabled. Nevertheless, 40M per year from the General Fund is already in the budget to cover Route 58 Bonds already issued. I will continue to support using some General Fund money for transportation because I believe transportation is a core function of government and is essential to providing the infrastructure for other core services. I was honored to join Governor McDonnell, Attorney General Cuccinelli, other members of the General Assembly, and hundreds of Virginians at the Capitol Bell Tower for a school choice rally. It was great to see so many people on the Capitol grounds getting involved in the legislative process, especially the strong show of support to provide alternatives to low income families with children in poorly performing schools. Throughout the week, visitors from our District dropped by my office. Among them were students from Patrick Henry Community College, Ferrum College President Jennifer Braatan, Franklin County’s Melvin Adams, and a large group from the Virginia Museum of Natural History in Martinsville. I encourage you to visit and arrange to take a tour of the Capitol. To schedule a meeting with me or to take the tour, contact my Legislative Aides, Alex Thorup and Tom Wells at (804)698-1009 or DelCPoindexter@House.Virginia.Gov.


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